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For many people, having a cell phone is truly a necessity in life. They can be used for work, school, contacting family and friends and of course for emergencies. The cost of having a cell phone is a tough hurdle to jump over for some.

What's Total Wireless?

Total Wireless is a service that uses Verizon's network at a low cost. While they offer some of the lowest prices out there, there is actually an opportunity to get free total wireless minutes. How can that be done? There are several ways online to get codes that can be used to help pay for cell phone minutes.

How Does Total Wireless Work?

Total Wireless offers a number of plans for single lines and families. It works a lot of the same way that other cell phone plans work, but at a lower price. Most people end up paying by the month if they can't find free total wireless codes to use, and they can decide to have auto-fill after every 30 days to say a few dollars as well.
There are no contracts with Total Wireless. A person can stop their service at any time. It is an affordable way for not only those people who want the bare necessities out of a cell phone, but also for those who use data quite a bit. Compared to the leaders in the industry, Total Wireless continually comes in at one of the lowest prices available.

Can I get Free Total Wireless Minutes?

Due to the popularity of Total Wireless, there are a few different methods to get free Total Wireless codes. It's important to look out for any scams online, as they do pop up with a lot of things that appear to be free initially. Only give out information to trusted websites, and if it sounds too good to be true, stay away.
Below is a list of some very legitimate ways to get free Total Wireless codes. They are proven methods, and there are plenty of reviews online with confirmation that the codes were received. Virtually every code is going to be sent over the Internet, so always make sure that the right contact information is entered when beginning.

Free Total Wireless Codes As Giveaways

To encourage engagement on social media, a lot of profiles and channels will offer giveaways from time to time for gift cards like free Total Wireless cards. This is usually in exchange for following them on Facebook or Instagram, or subscribing on YouTube. Gift cards are very easy to send without having to pay much at all, which is why they are a popular choice. Virtually anyone can use cell phone minutes, so Total Wireless codes make a lot of sense.

The odds of winning can vary quite a bit, but it is always worth checking out as a way to get free minutes. It usually takes a matter of seconds to sign up, and sometimes giveaways don't get that many entries.

Free Total Wireless Codes From Points Websites

There are some websites that offer points to people for doing tasks, redeeming codes and more. These codes can be redeemed for free Total Wireless data, Amazon gift cards, and more. Getting free codes from a site like this can be very useful. By doing just a few simple things to redeem points each month, a person can end up paying for their entire cell phone bill.
Some of the tasks might seem mundane, but look for websites that make collecting points fun. There are some websites that pay people in points for playing games, filling out interesting surveys and watching ads based on personal interests. The savings each month can really start to ad up when doing something like this during free time.

Free Total Wireless Codes Through The Barter System

Don't have money to spend or a way to land a free Total Wireless pin right now? Chances are, there is something that is of value that can be traded for a code. It can be tough to find someone who is willing to trade, but there are some websites like Reddit, Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace that have people always looking to swing some type of deal.
This works best if there is something of value to trade that simply isn't being used right now. Be patient and also be very upfront about wanting Total Wireless minutes as part of a trade. Cutting a deal can help everyone out.

Put In The Work For Free Total Wireless Minutes

Free minutes are out there for those who are trying to save on their cell phone bill each month. It just comes down to taking the time to get them. Sometimes it takes a little bit of luck, and sometimes it takes a little bit of time. For most people, it's worth it in the end.